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The Adios Collection: THCa + Delta 9P THC Leveled Up X2

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The Adios Collection: THCa + Delta 9P THC Leveled Up X2

Get ready to experience a new level of satisfaction with 2 new additions to the Adios Collection. Power Plant and Ghost Train Haze are powerhouses here to disrupt the game. Here is how these 2 new THCa + Delta 9P THC have leveled up our already popular collection.

The Adios Collection: New THCa + Delta 9P THC Flavors

Picture this, Power Plant’s earthy aroma hits you like a punch in the face, while Ghost Train Haze entices your senses with its floral fragrance and bright citrus flavors.

Power Plant

Power Plant THCA + Delta-9P THC Disposable 4.5G

The Power Plant is the newest addition to the Adios Collection. It captures the essence of nature while unleashing an unparalleled symphony of flavors and effects that will blow your mind.

The blend of HXY10-THC, THCX, HXY8-THC, and Live Resin in Power Plant is a game-changer. It’s a carefully crafted combo that hits you like a ton of bricks. It’s like going on a mini adventure, and Power Plant delivers.


The flavor includes an earthy aroma that transports you to the heart of the wilderness. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a lush forest, inhaling the refreshing scents of the great outdoors. 

Power Plant isn’t just a disposable device; it’s a journey.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze 4.5G Disposable

Ghost Train Haze takes you on a wild ride! Prepare yourself for an explosion of flavors and an experience that will make your taste buds dance like nobody’s watching.

The blend of THC in the Ghost Train Haze is like a symphony, hitting you with an intensity that’ll make your head spin. The experience elevates your spirit and energizes your soul. Get ready to embark on a mind-blowing adventure.


You’ll love the flavors from the Ghost Train Haze. It has zesty citrus flavors that explode on your taste buds like fireworks on the Fourth of July. This is a sensory experience like no other, but it also has hints of floral aromas. Get ready to be blown away!

Available Now

Power Plant and Ghost Train Haze launched on June 6th, 2023, and are available now! These disposable devices are no joke; they are the superheroes of Hemp that pack a punch. It’s important to note that they come in a 4.5G device.

4.5 Gram THC Device

Adios 4.5 Gram Device

The evolution of Disposable devices is ever-changing in this landscape. We originally started with 1-gram devices and featured a blend of Delta 8 and Terpenes. However, our customers wanted more because 1 gram doesn’t last that long.

Therefore, we eventually released 2-gram disposables, and we felt that it was huge! Like all things in this industry, 2 grams just wasn’t enough. This leads us to create 3.5 grams and now 4.5 grams disposable devices.


When we released our 2-gram disposables, we noticed that the device kept getting clogged. However, it just wasn’t our products, but every device with 2 grams or more had an issue with clogging.

We decided to add a pre-heat function to our 4.5-gram devices. The problem with draw-activated devices is that when you take a hit, the distillate tends to get stuck in the mouthpiece once you’re finished. Therefore, when the distillate returns to a solid state, it gets stuck.

Pre-Heat Function

To combat the clogging issue, we started to add a pre-heat function to our newer devices. The pre-heat function allows the distillate to warm up before you take a hit. As mentioned earlier, distillate tends to get stuck in the mouthpiece, preventing airflow.

Before you take a hit, it’s recommended to pre-heat the distillate in case any distillate is stuck in the mouthpiece. This way, it can reheat and not get clogged any further.


To make things easier, we came up with a brief tutorial on how to use our 4.5 Gram Disposable Device. Although some people might be experienced in using the pre-heat function, newcomers might not be so fortunate.

Turn On

Click 5 times to turn it on.


Click 2 times to pre-heat

Note: The light stays on for 10 seconds while pre-heating and will turn off when it’s preheated.

Turn off

Click 5 times to turn it off

Note: When the indicator light blinks 3 times, the device is turned off.

Video Tutorial

*Click on video to press play

We added a video tutorial to help you visualize better how to use the 4.5 Gram device.

Other Features

We’re moving away from the traditional pen-style devices and using a wider and sleek device. The device hits the same as a 1-gram or 2-gram, but because you’re getting more, it’s a lot wider. However, it’s still small enough to fit inside your pockets.

Also, something you will notice right away is that they are branded with the words Extrax. However, we recommend hanging on to the box it came in for storage when you’re not using it. All our 4.5-gram devices look the same, so you’ll need to keep the box as a reference for the flavor.

A New Way of Vaping THC

a new way to vape thc

The THC Disposable is one of the best ways to enjoy THC. It’s convenient, full of flavor, and you don’t have to worry about setting the right temperatures. In addition, new products hitting the market, such as Power Plant and Ghost Train Haze, set the bar high for great-tasting THC vapes.

Adding more grams may seem a bit much, but the money saved on a THC Disposable that will last you longer is worth it. We recommend trying all of the flavors in the Adios Collection. Find which strain fits you best!

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