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The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Delta-8 Products

How to make money through an Affiliate Program

Whether you are a Delta Extrax customer or a fan of Delta-8 THC products, there is no denying the remarkable impact such a rare cannabinoid has on both the physical and mental levels. There may be a chance that you’ve shared the beauty and effects of these products with your friends and family. By joining the Delta Extrax Affiliate Program, sharing information, and referring Delta Extrax products, you can earn money from the comfort of your home.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing program is a process that allows everyday people (no experience or expertise required) to earn commission by marketing a person’s company or products. The affiliate chooses a product to promote, shares a unique link with the rest of the world, and earns a piece of the profit from every sale made.

How To Become A Delta Extrax Affiliate?

Influencer participating as a Delta Extrax affiliate

Becoming a Delta Extrax affiliate is quite simple. You can begin your journey by opening our affiliate program application. Fill out the provided form, setup your account, and wait for your account to be approved. Once your affiliate account is approved, you will receive a welcome email that provides vital information on how to create your unique affiliate links and start earning through the Delta Extrax affiliate program.


Whether your goals are to become your own boss or simply to earn an extra income for your family, affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from home. The global affiliate marketing industry is worth over $12 billion, and 20% of the world is earning from affiliate marketing. It would probably surprise you that 81% of brands rely on affiliate programs, which correlates to word-of-mouth advertising; the best form of advertising available. We recognize and value your time and effort, therefore we offer an industry-high 35% commission rate.


The customer clicks on your unique affiliate link, your unique affiliate ID is recorded, the customer lands on the product page, and purchases the product. Once the transaction is completed, your affiliate account automatically receives a 35% commission of the total amount the person spends after the discount. Once a month you will receive a commission payment, which gives us ample time to verify that all transactions were paid in full.


  1. Work From The Comfort of Your Home
  2. Set Your Own Hours
  3. Monthly Payments Help You Save More
  4. Discounted Products For You and Your Family
  5. Potentially Participate In Our Reviewer Program

Although affiliate marketing requires no experience or expertise, the partnership between us is very important. We want you to help sell our products and in return, we must provide you with information on the best ways to do so. With that said, we have created 5 proven methods for promoting affiliate links. These methods have been proven by our existing affiliates. One of our affiliates earns a six-figure income using a combination of the methods below.


Social networks are key when it comes to affiliate marketing. Have you ever visited Facebook and a friend tells you about this awesome new product, and maybe it led to you purchasing the product for yourself? Chances are, your friend is an affiliate of a company and they are marketing that product to earn a commission. It’s that simple. One of the best ways to promote your affiliate links is by utilizing all of the social networks you frequent. Social networks generate natural discussions and interactions with people all over the world, and your affiliate link will fit perfectly in the middle of them.


There are several free options on the web to create landing pages that help sell products. To create the landing page, visit the blog sites, sign up for a free blog site, choose a template, customize it the way you want (usually to sell a specific product), then add content and your unique affiliate link. Once you’ve created your landing page, share it on your social networks, create a business card, flyers, or anything that could possibly lead to you making a sale. The end goal is for you to make a sale and earn a commission.


  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Medium
  5. Blogger


If you are really looking to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, you may want to invest in your affiliate future by creating a blog or website using your own domain name. You can visit a domain provider, such as GoDaddy, pick a domain name (www. yourdomainname .com), choose your hosting requirements, and GoDaddy will automatically load the WordPress platform onto your website. This is the best way to make your blog or website your own with increased functionality, personalization, and control.


Did you know that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day? That’s right, YouTube is enormous and as many as 30 million people visit it each day to watch videos of all kinds. You can take advantage of these numbers by recording YouTube videos and sharing your unique affiliate link. People use YouTube videos every day to market their products and it inspires many viewers to purchase those products.


Affiliate marketing can be as easy as you want. However, for those serious about generating a hefty income from affiliate marketing, you aren’t done working until you’ve exhausted all options. One of those options is to build digital products, such as an eBook. Did you know that in 2018 there were a projected 90.5 million owners of e-readers in the United States? There are many people that rely on eBooks to gather information, and all it takes is one of them reading your eBook to discover your unique affiliate link to earn a commission.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Influencer enjoying a vape pen

The Delta Extrax affiliate marketing program is one of the best ways to earn money from home. Getting paid to tell people about products you already use or would tell them about anyhow doesn’t seem like work but it can definitely become your job if you want it to be. We have many affiliates in our program that are making a great income for their family, and they are doing it from the comfort of their home. If you would like to join the Delta Extrax affiliate program, click on the Become An Affiliate tab today! Become an Affiliate

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