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The Best THC Strains To Try in 2023

The Best THC Strains to try in 2023

This year will be the dankest year for THC in 2023. Why? Because there are so many new strains and forms of THC coming out. With so many new products, it can be daunting to figure out which ones are top-shelf. Here is a breakdown of the best THC strains to try in 2023!

Top THC Products To Try

The top THC products are not so black and white. You must consider your preference and type of delivery, e.g., vape, edibles, flower, etc. Also, flavor and strains play a big part in determining the best types of THC for you.

The Best THC Edibles

Since we first launched our Lights Out Gummies, they’ve been flying off the shelf! We were one of the first to release the unique blend of THCh + THCjd, and the Entourage Effect produced by these two cannabinoids is like nothing else.

THCh + THCjd Gummies

Lights Out 3500mg THCjd + THCh Gummies
Lights Out Gummies

Not only are you getting a unique blend of cannabinoids, but you’re also getting 3,500mg of it. You may not know, but it only takes between 3 – 5mg of THC for people with a low tolerance to get high, and people with a high tolerance can take between 50 – 80mg to get high.

You can imagine how high just one gummy at 175mg can produce. In addition to the potency, the flavors are incredible. Don’t sleep on these gummies. If you’re looking for something that’s extremely dank, you’ve found it.

Dank Hemp Flower

Adios Blend THCa-Infused Hemp Flower: Four Flavors Available!
THCa-infused Hemp Flower

We don’t carry just any ordinary flower; our Hemp flower has THCa, Delta-8, and Delta-10 infused. What this does is produce an extremely potent Entourage Effect.

The infused Hemp flower comes in 1/8th jars along with four different strains to choose from. However, you will still get the Hemp flavor when you smoke flower, but there are several notes of flavor from the natural terpenes.

Picking The Right Strain

All products usually come with a breakdown of what flavor the product produces. Determine what you like by trying different disposables, carts, gummies, etc.

The product is only dank if you like it. Here are some helpful tips to help you pick the right strains.

Sweet Flavored THC

Gummies are your best bet if you’re looking for sweet flavors because they’re usually very sweet and tend to mask the natural Hemp flavor. However, vape products such as disposables and cartridges are other good options.

Shop for products with dessert flavors in their name, such as cake, lemonade, sherbet, candy, etc. Strains that are not usually sweet include the words diesel and names of inanimate objects such as glue.

Hemp Flavored THC

When looking for a more natural flavor, you’ll want to search for products that describe it as tasting like skunk, diesel, and pine. You might not find any Hemp-flavored gummies, so flower is always a good option.

However, if you prefer vaping, look for cartridges or disposables that describe the flavor as hemp or natural. Although there might be subtle notes of other flavors, such as mint or citrus, it’s a better alternative if you want something not as sweet.

THC Strains

You might be surprised that most edibles don’t have a strain profile associated with them. The reason is that strains usually come from the terpene profile associated with the flavor. Therefore, edibles are gummies mixed with THC isolate.

However, vapes, cartridges, and flower retain or have added terpenes that produce flavor and strain profiles. Each product is marked if it’s an Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid strain based on the terpene profiles.

Trying THC in 2023

THC has come a long way since the early days before legalization. The Farm Bill of 2018 has changed how we look at Hemp, and now we have some crazy and extremely dank strains. In such a short time, Hemp has changed, and we’re excited to have you try our THC strains.

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