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The Best Times To Use Delta-8 THC

The best times to use Delta-8 THC

Should you wake and bake? Wait until 4:20 pm? Or take some Delta 8 before you go to sleep? These are questions that you might ask yourself and we’re here to help you out! The time of day or night that you take Delta 8 depends on your schedule. Here are some helpful tips for you to better understand what time to take Delta 8 THC.

The Best Times To Use Delta-8 THC

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While we cannot definitively tell you the best time to use Delta-8 THC, we can tell you that there is almost no time that you shouldn’t. Depending on the specific strain you use, the effects that this unique chemical compound offers are remarkable for any time of the day. What is fascinating about Delta-8 THC compared to Delta-9 THC is that it’s said to make you less anxious.

The psychoactive effects of Delta-8 THC are more tolerable, you can chill without the overbearing ‘stoned’ feeling. Also, it is perfect for increasing chill vibes. Here is a list of the best times to use Delta-8 THC:.

Wake and Bake

The term “wake and bake” is often used to describe getting high immediately after waking up. This is a great time to utilize Delta-8 THC as it immediately puts both your mind and body in the right vibe. We recommend going with a Sativa strain as it could provide a more motivated or driven type of high.

Taking some Delta-8 in the morning might help you become more hungry. This of course can encourage you to have breakfast if you’re the type of person who normally doesn’t eat in the morning. However, just like having a cup of coffee in the morning, you could become lethargic around lunchtime. This might require you to take a little more Delta-8 or to take a catnap.

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Lunchtime Bake Sale

A “bake sale” refers to a smoke or vape session where the intention is to get high. If you are looking for one of the best times to use Delta-8 THC, attending a lunchtime bake sale could be the perfect part of the day. When you hit that mid-day break, a few tokes from your Delta-8 cartridge may give you the second wind or mid-day refresher you’ve been looking for.

If you’re not able to have a session during lunchtime, you could wait until 4:20 pm. The reason why this time is ideal is that it’s the middle of the day. Most people are out of work or at home with the kids and need a little break. We recommend going with a Hybrid strain because it’s the perfect balance between Indica & Sativa. Therefore, it provides the perfect type of high to continue on with your day.

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Late-Night Launch

Sometimes sending your mind and body into another dimension for a late-night launch is the best time to use Delta-8 THC. This is ideal if you are getting out of work, or going to bed. The psychoactive effects it offers allow you to escape the norm, wind down, and explore the deepest depths of sleep; and wake up the next morning with positive vibes.

You’ll want to look for a Delta-8 product that promotes rest. So, we recommend going with an Indica strain that has relaxing Terpenes. The Terpenes that promote rest include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene to name a few. Also, try including some CBD for a better relaxation experience.

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Occasions and Activities

We all have our daily routines but the weekends might be different. This can include get-togethers, trips to the movies, or special celebrations. Also, this can include some not-so-fun activities that are highly stressful.

Stressful Situations

Delta-8 THC has the ability to send positive vibes, which is great in not-so-ideal situations. Normally with a cannabinoid like Delta-9 THC, one may tell you it wouldn’t be a good idea while feeling high. However, Delta-8 THC is more tolerable, often creating positive vibes, which would be suitable for situations like these.

We recommend a Hybrid strain that is Indica dominant. This is because a Hybrid strain has some mellow properties from Indica while providing a head high from the Sativa. Although whatever is causing your stress might be there, it can help as a temporary distraction. It’s always best to take a step back to analyze the situation.

Fun Night Out

Let’s say you’re at a party and you want to enjoy yourself even more. You might want to take some Delta-8, but you don’t want it to bring you down. We suggest going for a Sativa strain or a Hybrid that is Sativa dominant. The Terpenes can also help promote a more uplifting high, especially Limonene and Valence to name a few.

Using Delta-8 at social gatherings is great, especially if Marijuana gets you paranoid or anxious. The fact that Delta 8 is not as strong as Marijuana is a great benefit. Although Delta-8 is not as strong as Marijuana it is still strong if you’re not used to taking THC. Therefore, we recommend starting off with less than the recommended dosage.

Use Delta-8 THC

When you’re trying to determine what is the best time to take Delta 8 you have to consider your schedule. Different strains can promote different feelings such as euphoria, relaxation, or alertness. So, consider the strain and the time of day when you take some Delta 8. However, Delta 8 can affect everyone differently so do be aware of how you react to it before going all in.

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