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The Difference Between A Vape Pen High and A Flower High

The Differences Between A Vape Pen High and A Flower High

Vape pens are increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder — they’re discreet, tidy, and convenient. But do they produce the same type of high as hemp-infused Delta 8 THC Flower? You’ll discover the pros and cons of both methods, along with their similarities.

How Vaping THC Works

How Vaping Works

To understand the differences, you must first know how vape pens work. They heat THC to high temperatures (about 250-400 degrees Fahrenheit), producing a concentrated THC vapor.

This is a cleaner way to obtain THC compared to Flower, which you must burn to release the THC. Smoking THC is, well, smoking, which means you’re inhaling burnt particles and, potentially, carcinogens.

Although flower is the traditional way to enjoy THC, vaping has been said to be a healthier alternative. However, black-market vape cartridges may cut the cannabis oil with harmful chemicals such as vitamin E acetate. This has been linked to lung damage and even death. So, always buy your cartridges (and any cannabis concentrates or oil) from a reputable vendor.

Advantages of THC Vape Pens


By producing vapor, vape pens release the THC without combustion. This means there are no particles or smoke that cause the dreaded “weed cough.”. However, if you take a big puff the vapor could irate your throat.

No carcinogens

No matter what you’re smoking — flower, tobacco, etc. — inhaling smoke is rough on your lungs and exposes you to carcinogens. Although you are inhaling vapor produced from the device, it’s not smoke. This means that you’re heating up the THC just below the combustion levels so that it produces vapor and not smoke.


Thanks to the heat-powered extraction method, vape cartridges offer between 400 – 600 puffs, while flower tends to burn a lot faster. There is a way to make flower last a bit longer. This can include using rolling papers so that it burns slower; but typically once the flower is burnt it tends to keep burning until it’s turned into ash.

No lingering smell

Whether you love or loathe that skunky smell, it’s a telltale sign you’ve been smoking flower. Vaping is as discreet as it gets in that regard. The smell of vape doesn’t tend to linger long after you’ve finished your session. With flower, the smell can stay on your clothes or on your fingers until you wash. Not to mention if you smoke indoors it can leave a lingering smell.

Stronger flavors

Flower may smell fragrant, but you can’t always taste all the delicious terpenes and cannabinoids. Vape cartridges contain THC concentrate that really lets you experience those flavors. That’s because the THC liquid inside the cartridge is concentrated; so you’re tasting all the added terpenes that are intended to mask the taste of the natural-earthy flavors.

More control of how much THC you’re taking in

Vaping makes it easier to control your high, whether you take one puff or a few, while smoking flower can produce variable amounts of THC. This is in part due to different amounts of THC within the flower buds. You’re able to accurately figure out how much THC is a vape cartridge while with flower you can only guess how much THC you’re intaking with each hit.

Not much experience required

Let’s face it, it can be tricky to figure out bongs, filling a bowl, which buds to buy, or how to properly roll up a joint. With vaping, you simply charge your pen and take a puff. It’s very simple or you can purchase a Delta 8 THC Disposable to avoid any hassle.

Available in more shops

Most reputable dispensaries stock cartridges rather than flower. It makes sense, with the emerging legal status of THC, it’s easier to distribute those products. So, you can obtain high-quality cartridges more easily than flower. (For your safety, only buy vape cartridges from legitimate shops.)

Advantages of Smoking Flower

Advantages of Smoking Flower

Longer smoking sessions

For kicking back and blissing out, flower is the time-honored way of enjoying a THC high. While vaping is more plug-and-play, smoking a bowl allows you to relax with your flower. You can have a long vaping session, but smoking is not as concentrated as it is better for longer sessions.

More classic way of THC intake

Nothing beats tradition and smoking flower is definitely that. Passing around a joint or bong is definitely ideal for social gatherings when the smoke and fragrance contribute to the atmosphere. That’s something you just can’t replicate with a vape pen.

A more natural flavor

While you may be able to taste more of the unique terpenes in your THC concentrate, flower arguably has a more natural flavor. It tastes more like a plant (obviously!), so if you enjoy that earthy experience, flower is for you.

Less intense high

The vaporization process gives you a “clean” high because it’s essentially distilling THC right into your bloodstream. However, that means it can be intense. Sometimes, you don’t want that and you just want to mellow out. When you smoke the whole plant vs. a THC concentrate, you get more of a gentle coast into your high.

Benefits of Vaping THC and Smoking Flower

Benefits of Both Vaping and Flower


Research shows that vaping produces a more intense high than flower, even though you can better control your intake. Either way, THC acts quickly.

Less Anxiety

When you consume Marijuana it can cause anxiety in some people. However, Hemp-derived THC such as Delta 8, Delta 10, etc. has the possibility of not triggering negative side effects like Marijuana tends to.

Wrapping Up – What to Choose

Wrapping Up - What to Choose

If you’re looking for a discreet, quick, and easy way to enjoy THC without the coughing and stinky effects, go for a vape pen. If you want a more gentle THC experience that’s better for social occasions, go for flower. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences and goals. The high you get from Vape Pens does tend to be a lot cleaner, but flower tends to be more well-balanced.

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