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The Omega Collection and THC-O


We are excited to announce that we have recently launched our Omega Collection. This is a combination of THC-O and Delta 8 THC. However, you may be wondering what exactly THC-O is and what type of high it produces. Here is what you need to know about our Omega Collection and THC-O

What Is THC-O?

What Is THC-O?

THC-O stands for THC-O-Acetate and it’s also known as ATHC. However, this is not to be confused with THCa which is a different cannabinoid altogether.

One important thing to keep in mind is that THC-O is an isolate. It is free of other cannabinoid elements, such as flavonoids and terpenes. The final result is a thick oil that tends to be 3x times more powerful than THC. Also, very little is known about the effects and benefits of this cannabinoid.


THC-O first came on the scene through an experiment by the United States government. In the 1950s the Army Chemical Corps conducted classified tests using a variety of drugs to see if they could have practical weaponized uses. The Chemical Corp tested drugs on thousands of soldiers and animals. One of those tests included THC-O.

They exposed it to dogs, with the idea of trying to disable them. This proved to be effective, showing twice the strength of regular THC. It made the dogs sluggish and impaired their motor functions significantly.

Fast forward to 1978 and THC-O makes another appearance. This time it was in the lab of a Jacksonville, Florida man. However, shortly after making the product he was arrested and shut down. Since this was the only official record of the drug, it didn’t send up any red flags with authorities and was never regulated or banned.

How Is THC-O Made?

Chemically speaking THC-O is derived from Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor to THC.  When ingested it is very slow to enter the system when compared to vaping or traditional smoking.

Because it is an isolate and is odorless and tasteless, THC-O can be used as the base ingredient in a variety of products. Everything from vape cartridges, gummies, cigarettes, and mints can be made with THC-O as a component. Products are just becoming available, and the initial response is powerful and unique.

The Type of High

THC-O offers a more potent high and users report it as being an introspective, almost spiritual experience. It is said to take you to an almost alternate state, more akin to the ‘trips’ associated with the milder hallucinogens. In edibles, this potency mitigates the longer time it takes to feel the effects of THC-O.

In the human body, the liver metabolizes THC into a variation that adds a sedative effect. THC-O still experiences that change, but its psychoactive strength may compensate for some of the lethargic downsides. Users prefer its potency and enjoy its strong effect. However, we enrich our THC-O with Delta 8 THC in order to produce a more tolerable high that users can enjoy.

The Omega Collection

Now that you know a little bit more about THC-O, here is a breakdown of our Omega Collection. Keep in mind, we’re expecting to launch more THC-O products in the near future.


Our GSC is also known as Girl Scout Cookies is a Disposable vape pen device. It comes pre-filled with premium Delta 8 THC that is enriched with THC-O, the combination makes it a more enjoyable high. You can expect to taste hints of citrus, mint, and sweet cherry. Also, it provides a strong and robust experience due to the mixing of the different cannabinoids.

Berry Gelato

Another great product available for the Omega Collection is our Berry Gelato. This is also a Disposable Pen device that’s pre-filled with Delta 8 THC and THC-O. The best part about Disposable devices is that they come ready to vape, and no additional hardware is necessary. You simply open up the box, vape, and enjoy. Also, the Berry Gelato profile includes hints of sweet berries, citrus, and other spices.


The Omega Collection and THC-O Conclusion

When customers first discover THC-O it can be a little intimidating. However, most articles that you will find on the subject refer to the consumption of pure THC-O. We purposely enrich our Delta 8 THC with THC-O in order to make it a more tolerable high. On its own, THC-O is very potent but when enriched with Delta 8 THC it makes for a more pleasant experience.

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