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New! Live Resin Liquid Diamonds Cartridges & Disposables πŸ”₯

This line of Cartridges and Disposables offers an insane combination of cannabinoids. The collection features a potent blend of THC-X, THC-B, THC-JD, PHC, Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, and Live Resin. Available as 2-gram cartridges or 3-gram disposable devices, give one a try by clicking the button below!

Never Before Seen Strains

Experience delicious, explosive flavors like Cherry Bomb, or go back to the simpler times with Cereal Milk.

Reload or Resupply

Take your pick of 2-gram cartridges for your device or a self-serving 3-gram disposable.

Pure Potency

This proprietary blend is a potent combination of THC-X, THC-B, THC-JD, PHC, Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, and Live Resin.

Wedding Crasher THC-X THC-B PHC Cartridges 2G

Our Wedding Crasher is a fun Indica strain that has a sweet vanilla cake flavor. You may also detect some sweet undertones of grape and other fruity berries.

Krypto Kronic THC-X THC-B PHC Cartridges 2G

One of the most complex and fan-favorite strains is Krypto Kronic. The flavors in this Hybrid strain include a mixture of fruity berries, sweet cream, and other hints of coffee flavors. Its flavor profile is very unique and delicious.

Cherry Bomb THC-X THC-B PHC Cartridges 2G

The Cherry Bomb is an explosive heavy Sativa strain with rich flavors and uplifting properties. The musky aroma is complimented by the sweet flavor of tree fruit and berries. Catapult to the next level with this intense, creative yet energetic strain.

Cannalope Haze THC-X THC-B PHC Disposables 3G

The Cannalope Haze strain is a delicious Sativa strain with a delightful flavor of melons and tropical fruit mix. This smooth strain will be hard to put down and will have you desiring more.

Cereal Milk THC-X THC-B PHC Disposables 3G

The Cereal Milk is a Hybrid strain that is a flashback to when you would drink the milk after you finished eating your cereal. This well-balanced strain has notes of creamy vanilla, along with sweet notes of ice cream-like flavors.

Unicorn Piss THC-X THC-B PHC Disposables 3G

Get a one-way ticket to rainbows and unicorns and enjoy this magical Unicorn Piss strain. This smooth and stimulating Indica strain is hard-hitting that will have you in that blissful place in no time. The flavors of citrus and sour notes are phenomenal!