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Tips For Your New Year’s Resolution Using THC

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Tips For Your New Year's Resolution Using THC

You’re probably familiar with the stereotype that all stoners are lazy and out of shape. However, what if we told you that you can incorporate THC into your New Year’s resolution in a positive way? We’ve put together some tips on how you can continue using THC products while living your best life in 2024.

Weight Loss Goals Using THC

Weight Loss Goals Using THC

It may seem counter counterintuitive to try and lose weight while using THC; believe it or not, it’s possible! Some athletes incorporate THC during the post-workout recovery routine, but being prepared for the munchies is where it’s at.

Post-Workout Recovery

There was a survey study conducted by the Journal of Cannabis Research that researched cannabis users who take THC post-workout. Although the study determined that this subject requires further research, some athletes swear by it.

The idea is that after an intense workout, your heart rate is up, your body is under stress, and you need to relax, so THC comes into the equation. Although most athletes prefer CBD, products like THC-A Flower come with the best of both worlds.

You’re able to mellow out and promote relaxation, which is crucial when it comes to building muscles. We’re not saying that you’ll become shredded if you take THC after a workout. However, if you follow the same workout routine as athletes who use THC during recovery, the possibilities are endless.

Meal Prepping Munchies

If you’re not looking to bulk up but instead slim down, preparing yourself when you have the munchies might be the key. Think of it this way: why do we reach for the bag of chips when we’re hungry when there’s a fridge full of food? Besides satisfying your craving, the answer is convenience. 

Therefore, a way to enjoy THC and not go crazy when you have the munchies is by being prepared in advance. Pack those low-calorie, healthy snacks if you know you will have a session later. We know it might not be what you’re craving, but you’ll thank yourself later.

Saving Money On THC

Saving Money On THC

Why do we love Costco so much if we spend way more than at a regular grocery store? It’s the savings! If you want to save money this year, we have some great tips: 1) Shop Bundled Items and 2) Stock up during sales.

THC Bundles

The first strategy to save more money in 2024 is buying in bundles. A good example is our THCA Diamonds Bundle, where you pay $96.99 instead of $113.97 for all 3. Also, you avoid paying additional shipping fees if you order each Disposable individually.

We understand that it’s easier on your pocket if you shop individually. However, biting the bullet the first time can be beneficial financially in the long run. We would like to hook you up every time with a special discount if we could, but this is one way to take advantage and save some money.

THC Special Pomos

If you would instead like to shop for Delta Extrax products individually, we recommend signing up for our Newsletter. You get special promos emailed to you directly and get info on the latest releases. Also, following us on Discord is another good way to cash in exclusive promos.

To be transparent, the two biggest days to save money on THC are 4/20 and Black Friday. There are a few Holidays in between that are worth it, but you’ll see some significant savings those two days. 

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Delta Extrax Savings

You may have overlooked some of our particular savings pages on the website. We have the clearance section, weekly deals, and subscriptions. You can find items marked down up to 50% off and see what products are on sale for the week.

Let’s say you know already how much a product will last you and want to keep ordering it. You could save 15% every time you renew your subscription and be stocked up and ready for your next session. 

Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business

If you want to start your own business this coming year, we have the tools to help you succeed. The goal should be to start with a side hustle that eventually turns into your full-time hustle. Although entrepreneurship is not for everyone – if it’s for you, we have our Affiliate Program and Wholesale Opportunities.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate marketing program helps everyday people (no experience or expertise required) earn a commission by marketing our products. As the affiliate, you choose a product to promote, share a unique link with the rest of the world, and earn a piece of the profit from every sale made.

Becoming an affiliate is simple. You can begin your journey by opening our affiliate program application. Fill out the provided form, set up your account, and wait for your account to be approved. 

Once your affiliate account is approved, you will receive a welcome email that provides vital information on how to create your unique affiliate links and start earning through our program.

Applying For Wholesale

This one takes a little more planning because you’re taking on the cost by purchasing our products at a wholesale price. You will need a way to sell the products – online or in a physical store. Also, you will need a place to store all of the products.

However, once you work out all the details of how you will sell the Delta 8 products, the opportunities in this industry are endless. Please fill out the form on our Wholesale page if you’re interested or own a store already and want to carry our products.


Tips For Your New Year's Resolution Using THC - Conclusion

Incorporating THC into your New Year’s Resolution is a fun way to ensure you stick with your decisions to better yourself. It can benefit your health and finances, and you could even make it your new career path. Whatever you decide to do this upcoming year, we encourage you to follow your dreams and become a better version of yourself.

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