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Unveiling the Growth Secrets: THCa Flower vs. Infused Hemp Flower

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It Started with THCa Infused Hemp Flower 🌱

Do you remember how excited we all were when we first introduced THCA infused Hemp Flower during the summer? It was the most thrilling and affordable option available for THCA flower at that time. However, science and cultivation have progressed rapidly, and as soon as true THCA flower was determined to be both legal and safe, we wasted no time in sourcing it.

Adios Flower infused with THCA

While some companies may have beaten us to the punch, our ultimate goal has always been to provide the best and most potent flower that can be sold and used. That’s why we were absolutely thrilled to unveil our Diamond Heights Collection in late December! Believe us when we tell you so much time, cultivation, and love has gone into this collection. 

Cultivating Better Flower 🌿

THCa Flower
Infused Hemp Flower

But what changed between Infused THCa Delta-8 Hemp Flower and THCa Flower? 

First off, a serious deep dive into the Farm Bill was taken. We cannot stress enough that we will never sell an illegal substance to our customers – even if it’s trendy and cool. THCa falls into an interesting area because it’s so similar to Delta-9 THC. In its raw form, THCa is non-psychoactive, but when heated it becomes Delta-9 THC . The beauty of THCa flower is that we catch it in a raw state, which is why we can sell it to you.

The next step was determining how to grow hemp flower with a naturally high THCa amount. Previously Delta-8 Hemp Flower was cultivated and then sprayed or infused with THCa. But now, hemp farmers have mastered the art of growing THCa flower and knowing exactly when to harvest it before the THCa turns into Delta-9 THC. Basically, the buds are cultivated until they reach a certain level of maturity, and then they are harvested when the THCa yield is at its highest. That’s why you’ll find THCa flower with percentages ranging from 18% up to 38%.

Introducing Diamond Heights THCa Flower 💎

Diamond Heights Gush Mints with Diamonds
Diamond Heights Gush Mint 7g Flower
Diamond Heights Gush Mint Flower with Diamonds

Delta Extrax’s Diamond Heights THCa Flower is indoor grown, exotic THCa flower. It is grown and nurtured under prime conditions and has been extensively tested to guarantee potency. Our in-house testers (aka employees who love THC) enjoyed the flower so much that a couple of sample jars “mysteriously” disappeared, and our sales team couldn’t resist grabbing some jars for themselves. So, you can trust that the Diamond Heights THCa Flower is both potent and delicious.

Shop Our Exotic, Indoor Grown THCa Flower Today!

Diamond Heights THCa 7g Flower - Gush Mints Flavor: Peppermint and Nuts

Gush Mints

Diamond Heights THCa 7g Flower - No Drama Llama Flavor: Chill Menthol

No Drama Llama

Diamond Heights THCa 7g Flower - Jack Herer Flavor: Pine, Herbs, and Spices

Jack Herer

Diamond Heights THCa 7g Flower - Jealousy Flavor: Earthy and Plum


Diamond Heights THCa 7g Flower - RS11 Flavor: Citrus, Pineapple, and Peach


Diamond Heights 7g Flower

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