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What is Chronix?


You might have noticed Chronix ads across our website and other channels, and you might be wondering what is Chronix? It’s our latest collection of products scheduled to launch later on this week. This collection features a blend of Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O products, and a pack of Delta 9 THC Gummies. Here is everything you need to know about Delta Chronix.

Chronix by Delta Extrax

Chronix by Delta Extrax

We decided to blend our premium Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and THC-O to create a unique experience. You’ll find that these cannabinoids synergize well together, and give that perfect entourage effect. Also, the Hemp-complaint Delta 9 THC really brings together this collection.

Delta 8 THC

If you’re not familiar with our Delta 8 THC, we were one of the first companies to launch it and introduce it to the CBD market. It is a form of THC that is Hemp-complaint because it comes from the Hemp plant and not from the Marijuana plant. Although it’s psychoactive which means it can get you high.

A brief overview of what Delta 8 THC actually is, it’s derived from the Hemp plant; however, the Hemp plant only produces small amounts of Delta 8 THC. Therefore, Delta 8 is not synthetic because it is naturally occurring in the Hemp plant, unlike synthetic cannabinoids.

A synthetic cannabinoid is a series of chemicals put together in order to replicate the experience of THC. This is not the case with Delta 8 THC, because Delta 8 is THC, but just a different version of it. Think of it as oranges and nectarines, similar smell, flavor, and taste, but just different products. There is nothing synthetic about nectarines just like there’s nothing synthetic with Delta 8 THC.

Delta 10 THC

Another cannabinoid that we helped bring to the spotlight is Delta 10 THC. Just like Delta 8 THC, this cannabinoid offers a psychoactive experience. However, it’s been often referred to as more uplifting when compared to Delta 8 THC. One important factor to consider is that Hemp-derived THC won’t be as strong as Delta 9 THC (Marijuana).

If you’re wondering why Delta 8 or Delta 10 is not as strong as Marijuana, the answer can be found in its chemistry. In the molecular structure of THC exist double bonds. The location of the double bonds determines the type of experience you’ll have. Also, this is why these cannabinoids have numbers at the end because it tells you where the double bond is located.

So, the double bond in Delta 8 is located in the 8th carbon chain, while Delta 10’s double bond is located in the 10th carbon chain. Although both of these cannabinoids are on opposite ends of Delta 9 (9th carbon chain) the experience won’t be as strong as actual Marijuana.


We wish we could say that we were the first ones to carry THC-O, but we were definitely one of the companies responsible for making this cannabinoid popular. Now THC-O is starting to become another household name, but this wasn’t the case a couple of months ago.

It’s most known for being 3X more stronger than regular Cannabis. However, you won’t find this cannabinoid on its own due to how strong it is. This cannabinoid is already featured in our Omega Collection which is Delta 8 THC with THC-O. The reason why you won’t find a product with only THC-O is because it’s way too strong and might not be enjoyable.

The best way to intake this cannabinoid is by mixing it with other cannabinoids such Delta 8 THC, and Delta 10 THC. This is known as the Entourage Effect, where 2 or more cannabinoids interact with each other which creates a unique experience for its users.

Delta 9 THC

One product that we helped bring to the Hemp world was Delta 9 THC. This is because, under the Farm Bill, a product is considered to be Hemp-derived if it follows certain guidelines. These guidelines include:

  1. Comes from the Hemp plant
  2. Has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

When you look at the percentage, 0.3% of Delta 9 THC is not enough THC to get you high. However, if the weight of the product is high, 0.3% might be a lot higher which is the case for the new Green Apple Gummies. This means that the product containing Delta 9 THC can be enough for you to experience a head change.

Products For Chronix

Products for Chronix

Now that you understand a little bit more about the cannabinoids involved, we’ll break down the different products available for the Chronix collections:


The 2 new cartridges that we’re releasing include Pie Hoe and Super Silver Haze (SS Haze). Both of these cartridges are named after the strains that they each incorporate. Also, the SS Haze is a Sativa Strain while Pie Hoe is a Hybrid Strain.

Both of these cartridges have a unique flavor and provide a slightly different experience. You’ll find SS Haze has a more spicy, sour citrus flavor accompanied by a skunky flavor; and Pie Hoe has a grape, fruity flavor along with other pungent flavors.

For all of our Cartridges, you’ll need a device that fits a 510 thread. These devices are normally used to vape different types of cannabinoids such as Marijuana, Delta 8, and CBD. Most shops carry these devices, you’ll just want to make sure that the device that you purchase is meant to vape distillate with.


If you want to avoid purchasing additional hardware altogether then Disposable devices might be a better option for you. These Disposables come ready to use along with 2 incredible flavors; those flavors include Strawberry Cough and Blue Train Wreck.

The name Strawberry Cough has notes of strawberry along with a slight sour bitter after taste. However, it’s not a sour candy type of sour flavor – it can be compared to raspberry which is more sweet than actual sour.

While Blue Trainwreck has sweet flavors of blueberries and a slight natural, Earthy taste. You’ll find this disposable is the perfect afternoon disposable because it’s a Hybrid. This means that you’re getting the best properties from both Indica and Sativa.


Finally, we’re launching a new pack of Delta 9 THC Gummies under our Chronix product line. Unlike the other products featured in this collection, our Green Apple Gummies only use Delta 9 THC. This means it will produce a different experience when compared to the other products being released under Chronix.

Our Delta 9 THC Edibles are very popular, and for that reason, we felt it necessary to include a different flavor in our Chronix collection. You’ll get the same great experience as you would with our regular Delta 9 THC. But, because they’re being released under our Chronix collection, you should see plenty of them in stock more often.


What is Delta Chronix - Conclusion

The Chronix collection features our premium Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and THC-O. Also, it will include a pack of Delta 9 THC gummies which will not have the other cannabinoids found in this collection. However, you’ll experience the same great Terpenes and flavors that you have become accustomed to with our brand.

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