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What To Expect From Delta-10 THC

What to Expect From Delta-10 THC, featuring Euphorica

After much waiting, we’re finally going to be launching our Euphorica Collection – Delta-10 THC products. However, this might leave you wondering what exactly should you expect from Delta-10. In this guide, we’ll explore how Delta-10 provides a different type of high – yet similar to Delta-8.

Delta-10 THC Euphorica Collection

We hope you were able to take advantage of our limited-early release of Blue Candy Kush and Vibin’ Tincture. If you were unable to there is no need to worry as we are planning to launch all of our products soon. Here is a quick breakdown of what products you should be expecting.


These carts are actually Delta 8 THC cartridges that are enriched with Delta 10. What this means is that you’re getting the best of Delta 8 and Delta 10. Please note: in order to vape these carts you’ll need a 510 thread battery device. You can pick one up online or by visiting a local vape shop.


This is a Hybrid Strain that is a cross between Gelato and Wedding cake. The Ice Cream Cookies strain provides a euphoric feeling from the Sativa but also is known to have relaxation properties. You’ll enjoy the sweetness from this product and the subtle notes of Delta 10.


Another great Delta-10 cartridge we’re excited to announce is our Hawaiian Haze. This is a cross between Hawaiian and Haze that is a Sativa Strain. This product has a fruity-tropical-like flavor with hints of exotic flowers. This product is great for taking a break at 4:20 but you still got a busy day ahead of you.


This is another Sativa Strain that has notes of sweet pineapple and other tropical flavors. The origins of this strain are relatively unknown but what we do know is it is crossed with a Hawaiian strain. Just like the Hawaiian Haze, this product is great for that mid-afternoon high that shouldn’t interrupt your day.


Our Delta-10 Disposables are rechargeable and come ready to vape. Unfortunately, we don’t include a charger but it works with any Universal USB charger and comes with indicator lights. These lights let you know if it’s charged, or if it needs to be charged.


This is one of the few Indica Strains that we offer for our Delta 10 – Euphorica collection. However, this blend of Blue Candy Kush offers a tart berry taste with hints of floral undertones. You can expect a more mellow – body-heavy type of high.


Our collection of Delta 10 Tinctures is still expanding but as of right now we only have 1 Tincture. If you’re not familiar with Tinctures they are concentrated oil extracted from Delta 10. It is then blended with MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Terpenes which gives it the flavor. All the added ingredients work as a carrier agent so that your body can absorb the Delta 10 a lot better.


Our Vibin’ Delta-10 Tincture is a mix between Sour Diesel and Blueberry that is classified as a Hybrid Strain. You can expect hints of sour blueberries that are both sweet and satisfying. Also, you could expect to get a cerebral head high along with body heaviness. This is a great product if you’re looking for a vaping alternative.

Different Types of THC

With the launch of our Euphorica collection, you might be left wondering how many types of THC there are. Well, the three most popular ones are Delta-8, -9, and -10. However, there are some slight variations to Delta-9 which include THCV and THCA. We’ll cover just the 3 most popular ones.


This is a Hemp-derived cannabidiol that exists in small batches. The reason why this product became so popular was because of the Farm Bill. This law was passed in 2018 which allowed Hemp-Derived products such as CBD to become legal. However, since Delta-8 is a form of THC that has less than 0.03% Delta-9 (Marijuana) it became popular.


The most active cannabinoid in marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short. This type of THC is Delta-9 which is classified as a Schedule I drug. Although Hemp and Marijuana appear and smell the same, Hemp has 0.03% of THC while Marijuana can have up to 20% – 30% or even higher. Marijuana has been around for much longer but is outlawed which paved the way for different types of THC.


This is the up-and-coming cannabinoid that is found in low quantities in Hemp. Although fairly new, it is now gaining popularity for the same reason that Delta-8 is. There are few products that are Delta-10 dominant, but you will find most products are enriched with Delta-10. Not a lot is known about this cannabinoid but most have reported a euphoric-Sativa-like high when using it.

Final Thought

We are expecting great things from our new Delta-10 THC – Euphorica collection. There are many products that we are getting to launch and several products that we are still working on.

You can expect most of our Euphorica collection to be enriched with Delta-10 rather than a stand-alone product. However, the exception to this would be our Vibin’ tincture which is Delta-10 dominant. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you can receive an update once our new Delta-10 products arrive.

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