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Why Live Resin is Becoming So Popular

Why Live Resin is Becoming So Popular

A new Buzzword around the Hemp industry is Live Resin. You might have seen this word floating around and attached to different products. However, Live Resin is much more than just hype – it’s an amazing new way to experience THC. Here are the top reasons why Live Resin is becoming so popular.

The Live Resin Process

The Live Resin Process

When the Hemp plant is harvested it gets cut, dried, and cured so that the THC or CBD can be extracted. However, when the Hemp plant is used for Live Resin it’s cut, and then flash-frozen in order to preserve the rich properties. Once the THC or CBD is extracted using different methods it becomes a thick substance that often resembles crystallized honey. 

The biggest difference between the Live Resin process and the normal Distillate process is that Live Resin tends to keep more of its naturally occurring compounds. This means that the Terpenes and other Hemp properties are not lost during the extraction process. On the contrary, when distillate is extracted – what is left is an odorless, pure concentrate. This means that the Terpenes and other Hemp properties need to be re-added to make it enjoyable. 


The terpenes are what give the concentrate its rich flavors and tend to promote certain effects. When the THC is extracted using the Live Resin process the product tends to keep a high percentage of terpenes. However, terpenes are one of many properties that exist within the Hemp plant and are non-psychoactive (won’t get you high).

There are over 200 different types of terpenes in Hemp so different combinations make up different strains. Ultimately the terpenes are what give the product its flavor, and different terpenes can promote different types of experiences. Also, some terpenes are known to be more calming while others are more energizing. What’s great about Live Resin is that it tends to keep a higher count of terpenes which eliminates the need to add more than what is needed.


Some of the advantages of Live Resin include the fact that you’re getting more naturally occurring terpenes. This means that there is very little need to add additional terpenes or artificial terpenes. In other words, you’re getting a better, more natural product when compared to the distillate.

Although distillate is a good and safe product, Live Resin is becoming a lot more popular because of its more natural elements. Think of it as fresh squeezed orange juice vs. an orange juice concentrate. Yes, you’re getting the same great-tasting products but one has a better flavor and more natural compounds while the other is just a potent form of orange juice. 

You might prefer orange juice concentrate because there’s more control over the flavor, but some might prefer that more natural element from the freshly squeezed orange juice. Either way, both products achieve the same result but one is a lot more natural than the other.

Live Resin THC

Resin Series

The great thing about Live Resin is that it’s able to be used to extract different types of THC. This includes Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, and more.

Delta-9 THC Live Resin

We currently have some unique products that are offered under our Live Resin Delta-9 THC lineup. This includes edibles in the form of our Chocolate Series and Resin Series gummies. We were able to add Live Resin Delta-9 THC to delicious chocolate bars and mouth-watering gummies to create some distinct products.

Our chocolate bars are infused with 150mg of Live Resin Delta-9 THC per bar and the gummies are 250mg per jar. Also, normally it takes a person with a low tolerance anywhere between 3 – 5 mg of THC to feel high. This is equivalent to half a gummy or ½ of a square of chocolate. 

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Delta-10 THC Live Resin

One of the cannabinoids that we helped popularize was Delta-10 THC, and we were featured on Leafly for this unique cannabinoid. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we made Live Resin Delta-10 THC one of the featured cannabinoids in our Resin Series Disposables. 

Delta-10 THC is very similar to Delta-8 THC in that it’s made from the same compounds with 2 numbers being off. The numbers represent the double bonds in their chemical structure. In other words, slight differences in their chemical compounds produce a different high. Also, the Live Resin process helps keep this cannabinoid a lot fresher and more potent.

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Why Live Resin is Becoming So Popular

If you’ve tried different products before like Hemp-derived Delta 9, or Delta 10 then it’s worth trying Live Resin. You’re able to taste the difference because of the way these products have been extracted. However, if you enjoy distillate then by all means, continue going with what you prefer. Live Resin is a brand new, great-tasting way to enjoy THC and something worth looking into.

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