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Why Not Just Smoke Weed?


Throughout our time of selling Hemp-derived products online, we’ve been asked numerous times, why not just smoke weed? Since Delta-8 THC produces a similar high to marijuana, it’s hard for some people to understand why someone would choose to use Delta-8 over Delta-9. So, we decided to provide some insight into why some people would prefer one cannabinoid over the other.

The Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9

Here is a brief overview of some of the most notable differences between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC aka Marijuana. Aside from the chemical structure of both cannabinoids, the real difference is in the type of high both products tend to produce. Also, the availability of both products is based on their legality.

Delta-9 THC

The cannabinoid in Marijuana that gets you high is known as Delta-9 THC. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in Marijuana is called Delta-9 because that’s where the double bind in its molecular chain is located. Its biggest quality is the ability to get its users really high. It’s most popular due to how long it’s been in the spotlight.

The high that Delta-9 THC produces tends to be really intense and can trigger anxiety for some users. Although the effects come down to how much Marijuana you consume, and your tolerance levels to THC. Also, Marijuana still remains illegal on a Federal level, meaning its availability is limited to only certain states. Most notably, some of the states where Marijuana is legal require its users to have a special license in order to purchase.

Delta-8 THC

With the growing popularity of Delta-8 THC, it has become a contender to Delta-9 THC. This is because Delta-8 tends to be a lot milder than Delta-9. While Delta-8 does contain psychoactive properties (meaning it can get you high), it tends to trigger less anxiety than Delta-9. However, this means that Delta-8 is not as strong as Delta-9. Some users like this trait in Delta-8 while other users don’t.

One of the biggest draws for Delta-8 is that it’s legal in most states where CBD is legal. This is due to the Farm Bill of 2018 which legalized Hemp products that contain less than 0.03% of Delta-9 THC. Although some users might prefer Marijuana because it’s a lot more potent, it might not be available in their state. Instead, Delta-8 THC might be their only option for some type of high. Also, you don’t need any special license to purchase Delta-8, the only real requirement is you have to be of legal age.


Similarities Between Delta-8 and Delta-9

Now that you understand the most common differences between Delta-8 and Delta-9, here are some similarities. This includes the similar type of high that they produce and other similar experiences.

Plant Species

You are able to find different plant species in both Cannabis and Hemp products. This includes Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. There are also different types of flavors such as Blue Dreams, Girl Scout Cookies, and Banana Candy Kush which we’ll get into later. Although both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are different in their chemical composition, they come from the same plant species.

The biggest difference between Hemp and Marijuana is how much THC and CBD they produce. Hemp tends to yield more CBD than actual THC, while Marijuana yields more THC than it does CBD. This is the reason why Delta 8 THC comes from Hemp instead of the Marijuana plant because Hemp tends to produce less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC.


You’ve probably noticed that certain strains have a very distinct smell, and are known for different qualities. That’s because of the terpenes which are organic compounds, and certain terpenes produce distinct scents and flavors. For instance, some Terpenes promote relaxation while others can promote more uplifting characteristics.

This is known as the entourage effect, which is a perfectly balanced combination of terpenes that produce a certain type of high. However, you’ll notice in both Delta-8 and Delta-9 products that have been made into a vape cartridge the specific type of THC is extracted and made into a distillate. Therefore, the Terpenes are added in order to help produce the flavor and experience of how it would be experienced in raw flowers.


Another similarity between Delta-8 and Delta-9 is the products. You’re able to find the same products available for Delta-9 in the form of Delta-8. The exception is in raw flowers that you can smoke; this is because Hemp doesn’t naturally produce high amounts of Delta-8 THC. However, Delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in Hemp. In other words, there is no raw flower that naturally produces high amounts of Delta 8 THC like there is for Delta 9 THC.

The solution is infusing Delta-8 THC into raw Hemp flowers. We get raw Hemp flower and infuse it with Delta-8 THC in order to make a product that you are able to smoke. This is perfect for people who enjoy the traditional way of consuming THC, instead of having to resort to vaping or edibles.


If you don’t understand the hype behind Delta-8 THC and have been asking, why don’t people just smoke weed instead? The answer is people living in certain states don’t have that option. In order to legally be able to get high, they have to resort to Delta-8 THC. However, some users prefer the mild high that Delta-8 produces because, for them, Delta-9 THC is way too harsh. Whatever the reason for choosing one cannabinoid over the other, Delta-8 is here to stay and getting more popular by the day.

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