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Why People Are Switching To Delta-8 THC


As public awareness grows of cannabinoids like Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, the demand for these products is getting bigger. A lot of common questions that we get include if it will get you high and how to use these products. So, here are the top reasons why people are switching to Delta-8 THC.

Less Intense High

Less Intense High

If you’ve ever smoked weed you know how intense the high can get. However, not a lot of people enjoy the feeling of not being in control.First-time users want their experience to be pleasant – not filled with paranoia or couch-locked.

Experienced THC Users

We get comments from time to time on Social Media and on our website from experienced THC users; we understand that our products are not as strong as Marijuana – we’ve never claimed them to be. However, most experienced users report feeling a high that’s not so intense, although it can be if you take too much.

Our recommendation is to take a little more than the recommended dosage if you have experience using THC products. Although some report Delta-8 THC as a “diet weed,” we can assure you that our products are not weed. It’s a form of THC that comes from the Hemp plant and it provides a similar experience to weed.

No Experience Using THC

This is our most popular crowd – those who have little to no experience using THC. The majority of our customers come because they’ve used CBD products. We love CBD, but its biggest downfall is that it can’t get you high. Therefore, curious users come to our site because Delta-8 THC is right up their alley. It’s made from Hemp – just like CBD is, but it can get you high.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Hemp-derived THC like Delta-8 and Delta-10 is that it’s weak. The reality is that it’s weaker than Delta-9 THC (Marijuana) but if you don’t have experience using THC it can be very strong. Therefore, we recommend taking less than the recommended dosage. For example, we recommend taking half of a Delta-8 THC Gummy. However, if you’re new to Delta-8 then we recommend taking half of a half, or ¼ of the Gummy.

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Delta 8 Strains and Terpenes

What attracts many users to Delta-8 are the familiar strains that are available. What some might consider as flavors are actually called Terpenes. This is what makes Delta-8 more enjoyable.


If you’re familiar with Hemp you know that these individual plants are cultivated and bred to produce a certain strain. These strains help produce different effects for the user. There are three main categories of strains which are IndiciaSativa, and Hybrid. Each strain is said to have different properties that help promote different results.

In order to understand what type of strain might be more enjoyable for you, you’ll first need to determine the desired experience you want to have. Although some strains can produce different effects for some people, the following is the general guideline. An Indica promotes more relaxing, end-of-the-day vibes, while Sativa is a more energetic, morning wake-n-bake session. Hybrid strains tend to promote the best of both Indica and Sativa; this strain is ideal for mid-day 4:20 sessions.


These are aromatic compounds that are found in Hemp. Terpenes are responsible for producing most of the flavors in Delta-8 THC products. This can include flavors like citrus, berries, pine, etc. The original purpose of Terpenes was for the Hemp plant to repel predators and lure in pollinators. The place, the way, and the time that the Hemp plant is grown has a lot of influence on the type of Terpenes it produces.

This is how we’re able to come up with the different flavors in our products such as Razzberry Kush. Its raspberry flavor comes from Hemp Terpenes, but in order to achieve this flavor, the Hemp plant had to be cross-bred. What this means is that the original flavor (Terpenes) came from Raspberry Cough and Cheese Kush. These are other types of Hemp plants that were crossbred to produce the Terpenes found in Razzberry Kush.

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Legal Delta 8 in More States

Its legality is changing day by day but it’s still more readily available in more states than its distant cousin, Marijuana.

Less Regulated

The facts are that wherever CBD is legal, Delta-8 THC tends to be legal as well. However, within the last couple of months, certain states have taken a stand against any form of THC. But, the states that still allow the sale and use of Delta 8 THC are still less regulated when compared to Marijuana.

For example, you don’t need a Medical Marijuana License or visit a cannabis dispensary in order to purchase Delta-8. This is because Delta-8 THC is not considered to be Marijuana, it’s considered to be Hemp.

Increasing Regulations

We’re beginning to see different states either ban or restrict Hemp-derived THC. Although we don’t agree with this decision, we understand that not a lot is known about it. We’re hoping for two events to happen:

A. Marijuana to be made legal

B. More research is done on Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC

Once Marijuana is made legal we can expect some states to relax their restriction on Delta 8. Also, when the research comes out, we’ll discover what benefits are associated with Delta 8 and we’re hoping it will change certain states’ opinions on the cannabinoid.

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As the public becomes aware of Delta 8 we can expect more products to hit the market just like it did with CBD. It’s being called “The Green Rush” because everyone is flocking to different Hemp-derived cannabinoids. What we know so far about Delta-8 is that it produces a less intense high, it produces different strains and Terpenes, and it’s legal in more states. So, because of those reasons and more, people are switching over to Delta-8 THC.

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