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Why Do Some People Get Paranoid When Using THC?

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Why Do Some People Get Paranoid When Using THC?

A common mistake for people new to THC is taking way too much and feeling paranoid. You might already be a very anxious person, and if you take too much, it can enhance that, but don’t worry – we have some useful tips for you if you ever get the jitters from taking too much THC.

Why Does THC Make Feel Paranoid?

The reason why THC might make you feel paranoid comes down to different factors, such as how much you take, your sensitivity, and your state of mind before your session.

Overdoing It

It shouldn’t be a shock that you might feel paranoid after an intense session. Think of it as drinking five cups of coffee when you normally only drink one. It feels good initially, but once the coffee starts to kick, it can make you uncomfortable.

The same concept applies to THC – taking one too many hits or eating way too many THC gummies can produce negative vibes. However, a way to combat this is by taking preventative measures. Make sure you eat before, follow the package suggestion, and have distractions available.

Sensitivity To THC

Another reason could be that you’re sensitive to THC. One cup of coffee might not be enough for one person, but it might be too much for someone else — the only way to discover your tolerance is by trial and error.

On the contrary, when you’re used to taking in high amounts of THC and decide to take a break, your tolerance will not be the same. In other words, it might be too much for you if you were known as a stoner back in the day and tried to pick up where you last left off. 

Positive Vibes

You might be a person who likes to enjoy THC after a long and stressful day. It’s a popular pastime to forget about the world and zone out for a few hours. However, the stress levels could be too intense for some and enhanced by THC. 

Not to say that this applies to everyone, but it’s not unusual for some to be even more stressed after taking in THC. If you find yourself in this position, it’s best to take a step back, focus on breathing, drink water, or find something positive to distract yourself.

Does THC Cause Paranoia?

There’s nothing to say that THC does or doesn’t cause paranoia. However, it depends on the person taking the THC. What may determine who gets paranoid and who doesn’t could be the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the type of stimulation and emotions.


The fact that we’re all built differently and respond to chemicals a certain way does have a say in how we react to THC. Our ECS helps regulate certain bodily functions such as pain, appetite, and emotions. When you ingest THC, you’re blocking those receptors, which might cause you to feel a sense of hunger, laughter, etc.

In addition, some people are more prone to certain emotions like paranoia, stress, and anxiety, so there’s a possibility of THC enhancing those emotions. If you’re a naturally high-stressed person, chances are THC can enhance that emotion or decrease it, but that will depend on your ECS.


Keep in mind that all of these causes of paranoia from consuming THC are subjective. We can compare it to troubleshooting a computer issue: “Have you turned your computer on and off again?” 

With that in mind, another trigger could be caused by overstimulation. It could be that you’re in an environment you have no control over or with people you don’t know. Or, it could be that you’re overthinking and making yourself paranoid. 

Whatever is triggering the paranoia, it probably could be enhanced by THC and how much you’re taking. Keep in mind this is subjective, and only a licensed professional can diagnose serious mental health issues.

Tips for Bad THC Trips

Don’t Overdue It

Less is more; follow the instructions on the package and wait and give yourself time between sessions. 

Avoid Stressing

We know if you could avoid stress, you would, but avoid stress or stressful situations before or after taking THC. It could make your experience a lot better.

Stay Distracted

When you drink too much coffee, you tend to drink water, walk, or do other activities to get your heart rate down. The same can apply to THC.

Calm Down

Breathe in through your nose and exhale out the mouth.::namaste:: Also, try drinking water with lemon or CBD.

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If you ever find yourself in a position where you begin to feel paranoid from THC, know that it’s normal and it could be you took too much. Follow our helpful tips, and next time, avoid overdoing it – it’s like coffee: the more you have the more jitters you tend to get

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