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Why THC Makes Your Eyes Red

Why THC Makes Your Eyes Red

If you’ve ever tried any type of THC, such as Marijuana or Delta 8; you’ve noticed that your eyes tend to turn red. It doesn’t matter if you smoke your THC or take it in edible form, if you’re high – your eyes will turn red. We’re here to help you understand why THC makes your eyes turn red. Also, we’ll be exploring some common beliefs about using eye drops while high.

Stoned Eyes

stonned eyes

When you get high you’ll notice that your eyes turn red and tend to get small. Most people would attribute this occurrence to the smoke irritating their eyes. However, edibles can also make your eyes turn red and glazed. This is because of the effects that THC has on your eyes.

Red Eyes

When you get high you will experience a slight increase in blood pressure. Once your blood pressure goes back to normal it will start to decrease, this will then trigger the capillaries in your eyes to dilate. Once your capillaries are dilated your body will increase blood to your eyes causing them to get bloodshot. Also, when your eyes dilate it reduces the pressure in your eyes which many can find beneficial for different issues.

It’s important to note that the more THC you take the more that your eyes will turn red. This is because the effects are heightened the more you take. So, if you take CBD it won’t turn your eyes red because it’s non-psychoactive. However, a product with high amounts of THC will turn your eyes bloodshot depending on how much you take.

The Eye Drops Myth

A myth that has been around for many years is that using eye drops to combat red eyes will make your high come down. There is no scientific evidence to prove that this is true, and there are no ingredients in eye drops that can make your high come down. In fact, if you are looking to make your high come down you can take some CBD, eat some food, or drink water. However, eye drops alone won’t do the trick.

Getting high is commonly accepted in today’s culture, but this wasn’t always the case. In times past when most forms of THC were still illegal people would use eye drops to hide the fact that they were high. Therefore, after they would apply eye drops they would “try to act normal” which we think is where this myth originated from. The fact that you could no longer enjoy your high after you applied eye drops is why we believe this myth became so popular.

Red Eyes Concerns

Red Eyes Concerns

For a first-time user, it can be alarming if your eyes turn really red, as in really bloodshot. A quick trip down WebMD might cause you to panic as you look up your symptoms and self-diagnose yourself with a rare tropical disease. However, there is no reason to be concerned as your red eyes will go away once your high comes down.

Tips For Red Eyes

Here are some tips on what to do to combat your red eyes if you wish to hide the redness.

Eye Drops for red eyes

You might be wondering – why would I need eye drops for? Using eye drops could apply for different scenarios such as having to be in public, or in a professional setting. Also, If you took some THC and are at the Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t want to let grandma know that you’re high. Whatever the case, look for eye drops that are specifically for red eyes.


The classic stoner look is to have sunglasses on even when you’re indoors. Going back to when being high wasn’t socially acceptable – many stoners would wear sunglasses all the time to hide the fact that they were high. Although wearing your sunglasses at Thanksgiving might make you look suspicious, it’s a good way to cover the redness in your eyes without using eye drops.

Staying hydrated

Another great way to help bring down the redness in your eyes is by staying hydrated. Although this one might actually make your high come down, staying hydrated, washing your face with cold water might clear up your eyes. This is a great option if you don’t have eye drops available and need to go out in public.

Make Your High Come Down

Since the more THC you take, the more your eyes turn red, a good way to make your eyes go back to normal is by making your high come down. Although this might ruin your experience – if you’re concerned about having red eyes, or need them to go away then we suggest doing stuff that will sober you up. This includes eating something, taking some CBD, and it’s commonly believed that eating black pepper, lemon, or pine nuts can bring your high down.


Your eyes are going to turn red when you’re high regardless of what type of THC you take. However, how much THC you take determines how red your eyes will turn. If you take a little bit of THC your eyes will only be slightly red – but the more THC you take the more your eyes will become bloodshot. There are several ways to make your eyes go back to their original color, but if it’s appropriate just enjoy the high and don’t worry about the redness in your eyes – it’s perfectly normal.

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