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Why THCh and THCjd Are The Strongest Cannabinoids

Why THCh and THCjd Are The Strongest Cannabinoids

The title of the strongest cannabinoid used to belong to THCP, but THCh and THCjd are now competing for that position. These newly discovered cannabinoids are making heads turn in the world of Hemp. Discover why THCh and THCjd are the new strongest cannabinoids.

What Are Cannabinoids?

What Are Cannabinoids?

A cannabinoid belongs to a group of chemicals in the Hemp plant that bind to certain receptors within our body. The 2 major cannabinoids that bind to our receptors are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, THC is what’s responsible for getting you high while CBD does not have the ability to get you high.

The Potency of Cannabinoids

The potency of a cannabinoid is determined by different factors. One of the most potent forms of THC is Delta 9 which is classified as Marijuana. However, the potency of Delta 8 THC is not as intense when compared to Marijuana, but it still can cause a significant high. The real difference in the potency is noticeable on a molecular level.

Although it might take a little more Delta 8 to get you high, the fact is that it will still get you high. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when taking Delta 8 is thinking it wont do anything. This often results in negative side effects due to taking high amounts of THC. 

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Effects of Cannabinoids

When we refer to the effects of cannabinoids we’re referring to that high feeling you get from THC. Hemp cannabinoids have the same effect as cannabinoids that come from Marijuana. This is because they both are considered cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa plant. However, Delta 8 is extracted from Hemp plants while Delta 9 is usually extracted from Marijuana Plants.

The key difference between Hemp and Marijuana is the amount of THC they naturally produce. Hemp produces low amounts of THC but produces high amounts of CBD. The Marijuana plant produces high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. 

In theory, it would make a lot more sense to extract Delta 8 from the Marijuana plant since it naturally produces more THC. However, the Farm Bill of 2018 which was passed by the FDA has strict guidelines on what’s considered Hemp-derived. Since Hemp was made legal, any by-product of Hemp is under the same classification as CBD.

Individual states have legalized Marijuana, but it’s still considered a Schedule I drug on a Federal level. Therefore, extracting Delta 8 from Marijuana would revoke its Hemp-derived classification. The ability to sell Delta 8 across state lines has been one of the biggest draws to Hemp-derived THC products.

Strong Cannabinoids

Strong Cannabinoids

One of our biggest goals is to provide potent, Hemp-derived products that are Hemp compliant. We understand that many states still don’t allow the sale or use of recreational Marijuana. Although we have opened up a dispensary, Extrax Palm Springs; this leaves the rest of the states where Marijuana is not legal out in the cold. 

This has compelled us to provide you with an elevated experience through strong cannabinoids. When we first launched our Delta 8 products we were overwhelmed by the high demand for these products. This led us to launch our successful lines of Delta 10, THCP, and Hemp-Compliant Delta 9. However, there are still more potent cannabinoids for you to try.


Tetrahydrocannabioctyl THCjd molecule

One of your first thoughts might be, how is THCh any different from regular THC? The difference with THCh when compared to Delta 8 is its potency. As stated earlier, the potency of THC is noticeable on a molecular level. This is because Tetrahydrocannabihexol (THCh) has a 6-carbon sidechain while regular THC has only a 5-carbon sidechain.

The longer the sidechain is on a cannabinoid, the longer, more drawn out psychoactive effects you’re likely to experience. The hexol in Tetrahydrocannabihexol refers to the 6-carbon sidechain in the THC. This is significant because Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC only have a 5-carbon sidechain.

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Tetrahydrocannabioctyl THCjd molecule

Another potent cannabinoid with an even longer carbon sidechain is Tetrahydrocannabioctyl (THCjd). This cannabinoid has an 8-carbon sidechain which makes it the most potent cannabinoid to date. The only other cannabinoid that was considered to be the most potent was Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP). However, THCP only has a 7-carbon sidechain, so the extra carbon sidechain in THCjd makes it the most potent cannabinoid.

The result in a longer carbon sidechain means that THCjd is 19 times stronger than THC. Keep in mind, what 19 times stronger means is that THCjd has a 19% more chance of sticking to your receptors. These receptors in your body are what’s responsible for that psychoactive feeling that you get. 

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History of New Cannabinoids

These 2 new cannabinoids (THCh & THCjd)1 were discovered by Italian researchers who were studying minor cannabinoids. However, some minor cannabinoids were discovered by accident which often results in an interesting experience. 

Delta 10 THC

Delta 10 was discovered in 2020 during the historic wildfires that were raging throughout the state of California. A growth company called Fusion Farms extracted THC from cannabis plants that had residuals of fire retardant. The results were in an unknown cannabinoid being discovered called Delta 10 THC.


Why THCh and THCjd Are The Strongest Cannabinoids

It goes without saying that the new strongest cannabinoid at this time is THCjd. Previously this title was held by THCP, but as advancements are made in the world of Hemp-derived THC we’ll see more potent cannabinoids begin to emerge. We’re keeping our eyes on THCh and THCjd because the possibility of these cannabinoids are endless.

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