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Why you should ask your Dad to get high with you


Have you ever thought about asking your Dad to get high with you? You may be shocked to learn that your Dad or the person that you call Dad has a history. Although it might have been taboo to bring this up years ago; now that Marijuana, CBD, and Delta 8 have become mainstream, it might be a good time to have this conversation on Father’s Day.

Getting High With Dad

Getting High With Dad

You might be wondering, how does one even bring this up in conversation? It’s a lot easier than you think, especially if your Dad is older, but younger Dads might also be open to the idea.

Older Dads

If your Dad is older you’ve probably realized that they are not as active as they used to be. In fact, they might have a lot more free time now, and time to try new things. So, it might be a lot easier to have this conversation with them. However, it might still be kind of weird to think about your Dad getting high.

According to an article featured in The Guardian, the fastest-growing group of users is over 50. However, Delta-8 might be a better option for Dad because it’s not as intense as Marijuana. Our parents seem to be a lot more open to the idea of a holistic approach to pain vs. traditional prescription medicine. So, if your Dad has pain in their body they might be a lot more open to the idea of getting high.

Younger Dads

Younger Dads are reaping the benefits of getting high too. An article written by NY Daily News titled “How Marijuana Can Actually Make You a Better Parent” highlights certain benefits of dads who use THC. It’s no different from parents who enjoy a cocktail or two around their kids. However, you want to make sure you’re doing so in a responsible manner and keep its reach away from children.

If you decide to ask your Dad to get high with you then you should be of a legal age to be asking this. Or, maybe this Dad is the father to your children or a family member who is a Dad. Whatever the case is, asking your Dad or a Dad to get high with you might be a great way to spend time together on Father’s Day.

Delta-8 THC For Dad

Delta 8 THC For Dad

The reason why you would want to choose Delta-8 THC over Marijuana is because it’s less potent. So, anxiety, panic attacks, and getting too high are less likely to occur with Delta-8 vs. Marijuana. Also, we’ve noticed certain products are a lot more popular with beginners than with experienced THC users.

Less Potent High

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of older people don’t want to use Marijuana is because it’s very strong. They more than likely tried Marijuana once but it was probably way too much for them. However, the great thing about Delta-8 THC is that it’s not that strong compared to Marijuana. In other words, Delta-8 will get you high but it’s a more manageable high.

If your Dad is brand new to the whole THC world, or if you’re looking for the perfect starter pack; here are some products that we recommend:


Our Edibles are a great way to introduce Delta 8 THC. You’re able to choose from a pack of delicious Gummies or a Fruit Punch Delta 8 THC Shot. They both have concentrated Delta 8 THC which can be very strong. So, we suggest following half of the recommended dosage for both these products until you establish a tolerance.


Another great product for beginners is the Delta-8 THC Tinctures. You’re able to take these tinctures sublingually/orally which is a great alternative to smoking or vaping. Also, just like our edibles, these are very potent so taking half the recommended dosage would be beneficial. You’re able to choose from Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains – which each provide slightly different highs.

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A lot of Dads who have had past experience using Marijuana may feel more comfortable using our Delta 8 THC Flower. This is because it closely resembles Marijuana, although it’s not considered Marijuana. We infuse Delta 8 THC into Hemp flower, meaning that you’re able to smoke Delta 8 THC like you would Marijuana. However, it still would be less potent than actual Marijuana and for some, it’s a lot more enjoyable.

Starting The Conversation

Now, you want to test the waters first before you ask your Dad to get high with you. You’ll want to ask first and foremost what Dad thinks about the Marijuana industry as a whole. A lot of our parents were raised with the mentality that Marijuana is bad, including CBD, and Delta-8 THC. You don’t want to ruin your Dad’s day by striking a sensitive cord.

If they are open to the idea they more than likely will bring up internet articles they’ve read on the different benefits. At this point, you can ask if they would ever try it and under what circumstances. You’ll be surprised by the answer they might give you, especially with all the new research that is coming out. Finally, if it seems all good, offer a product from our website that they would be willing to try. Once the product ships and you receive it, put on some reggae music, order a pizza, and spend some quality time together!


Why you should ask your Dad to get high with you

This question might have been taboo many years ago, but with its growing popularity, and new research coming out; your Dad might have been thinking of giving it a try. A lot of older Dads are turning to THC for different reasons, but younger Dads are reaping the benefits as well. This less potent high seems to be a lot more enjoyable for people who haven’t used THC in a while or are brand new to getting high in general. Whatever the case is, starting the conversation might lead to greater times that you get to spend with your Dad.

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