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Why You Should Consider Trying Delta-8 THC

Why you should consider trying Delta-8 THC

The days are over when only people with other counterculture lifestyles are the only ones using THC. Hemp products are now mainstream and we have CBD to thank for that. However, another cannabinoid making its way into the mainstream is Delta-8 THC, and for a good reason. With its growing popularity, here is why you should consider trying Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC Gets You High

Although Delta-8 THC comes from Hemp, the same plant that produces CBD, it can get you high. This is one of the main reasons a lot of people are jumping ship from CBD to Delta-8 THC. While CBD is great and we highly recommend it, the flaw is that it’s non-psychoactive. There just isn’t enough THC in CBD to get you high. Although some people like that about CBD, we have some people who wish it did provide a head change.

Also, people who smoke marijuana find that Delta-8 doesn’t produce an intense high. A big reason why a lot of people stop using marijuana is because it gives them anxiety. However, Delta-8 has small differences that make it not as potent. While experienced marijuana users might not find it to be as satisfying, users who want to get high but experience side effects might enjoy Delta-8 better.


The reason why Delta-8 provides a different type of high is because it’s hemp-derived. Marijuana has high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD, while Hemp has high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC. Also, the THC that is extracted from the Hemp is Delta-8 and not Delta-9. Marijuana uses Delta-9 THC which produces an intense high. Therefore, the THC that we extract produces a different type of high that you may be used to.

This doesn’t mean that Delta-8 won’t produce a head change; this just means that it won’t be the same type of high as marijuana. Also, on a molecular level, Delta-8’s chemical composition is different than that of marijuana. It’s not that Delta-8 is unable to get you really high, it just might take a little more to experience a high similar to marijuana.

The legality of Delta-8 THC varies from state to state but companies like Delta Extrax can exist because of the Farm Bill. The restriction of THC in products is for Delta-9 THC. However, just like CBD, Delta-8 THC products have about 0.03% or less of Delta-9 THC. This means that for the most part, wherever CBD is legal, Delta-8 THC is also legal. But, certain states are the exception.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Delta-8 can only be legal if it comes from Hemp. This is because Hemp tends to produce very little Delta-9 THC and more CBD. However, it is possible to extract Delta-8 THC from marijuana, but marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug. So, under the Farm Bill, both the raw material and the end product must have less than 0.03% of Delta-9 THC.

Where Delta-8 THC is Available

Unlike marijuana, Delta-8 THC is usually available anywhere that CBD is available. Depending on your state, you won’t need a medical marijuana license or need to visit a dispensary. Usually, vape shops are a good source of Delta-8 products. However, if your city doesn’t have a vape shop you can always shop for Delta-8 THC online. This is probably the best option if you don’t know where Delta-8 THC is available.

The only downside of online shopping is that you won’t get your products right away. If you visit a shop you can walk out with Delta-8 products and enjoy it immediately. However, with delays in the mail, you could be waiting for up to 2 weeks for your package to arrive. For people who want to enjoy it immediately, this could be a problem. However, online shopping can be good for your wallet since most manufacturers offer online discounts.


We feel that the biggest advantage of shopping online for Delta-8 THC is the online discounts that are available. On our site, if you use the code WELCOME15, you can get a 15% Off Discount on your first order. If you join our mailing list, you can get exclusive deals and dates on the latest products. Also, our informative blogs can answer any questions that you may have about Delta-8 THC.

Another great way to learn about Delta-8 THC is by joining our live giveaways every Friday on Facebook Live. You will need to tune in at 3 PM PST on our Delta Extrax Facebook Page. Although we don’t give away any free products, you can win swag and other mystery prizes. You can also interact with our community of people who have tried Delta 8 THC.


You may have experience with CBD or marijuana; however, Delta-8 THC is very similar yet different from both of those products. Aside from the fact that Delta-8 can get you high, it creates a different type of experience that you probably haven’t experienced yet. This is the reason why many people from both communities are switching to Delta-8. Be sure to look for Delta Extrax products in a shop near you or shop on our online store.

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