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Why You Should Consider Trying Delta-8

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Why You Should Consider Trying Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 has become a blanket term for any type of THC from the Hemp plant. However, other Hemp-derived cannabinoids exist, such as Delta 10 THC, THCP, THCjd, etc. You will find Delta-8 as the main ingredient in these products, but with that said – here is why you should consider trying Delta-8 THC.

Are There Any Benefits to Delta-8?

There are several potential benefits to using Delta-8 THC. First, it’s a lot milder type of high than Delta-9 THC, aka weed. In other words, you could enjoy it much more without feeling too high. This can be especially useful if you’re sensitive to THC. Although you can still get high from Delta-8, you’ll need a lot more of it to reach the levels of weed.

Another big benefit is that Delta-8 THC is legal in many states. Therefore, you can buy it online or walk into a local headshop without a medical use license. Also, if you’ve ever shopped at a dispensary, you know how expensive it can be. It’s not the dispensary’s fault, and weed is highly taxed, so Delta-8 might be a more affordable alternative.

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

  • Milder type of high
  • Legal in a lot of states
  • No special medical license required
  • An affordable alternative to weed

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Why Should I Use Delta-8?

Sir Smoke-A-Lot

You might be asking yourself, why should I use Delta-8 if cannabis is a lot stronger? If you live in a state like Texas, where Marijuana is illegal, you might not have an option. Why would you risk getting harassed by local authorities and paying fines to enjoy cannabis when Delta-8 is available?

For some, the juice might be worth the squeeze, but if you’re like most law-abiding citizens, you’ll look for alternatives. Also, as mentioned before, Delta-8 tends to produce a milder type of high and much more affordable. 

Trying Delta-8 Products

Blackcraft Extrax Bundle: Haunted Berry, Scary Cherry, Blood Orange

Another reason that might entice you to use Delta-8 is that many of the same products you’ll find at dispensaries are available as Delta-8. Here are some products found at dispensaries that are Delta 8 products.



Adios MF THCa Live Sugar 7g Disposable: Granddaddy Purp + Smart Screen-enabled Device


Diamond Heights THCa Pre-Roll - Blue Dream Flavor: Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries


How Will Delta-8 Make Me Feel?

You can expect a similar high to that of Marijuana, just not as potent. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not potent. A big mistake many people make is using a lot of Delta-8 THC and not enjoying the high. 

It only takes about 3 – 5mg to get you a mild buzz; a potent gummy like the Blackcraft Extrax Collaboration has 200mg of THC. Therefore, imagine how high 200mg of THC can get you. Also, THC tends to hit some people with a low tolerance much harder.

How THC Affects the Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates certain functions in your body. This can include appetite, pain receptors, and more. However, when you take any form of THC, the ECS is blocked by cannabinoids (THC).

So, it’s not that THC can make your pain go away. The pain receptors in your brain are getting blocked or delayed by the THC; therefore, the signals are no longer communicating as they should be. However, everyone’s ECS is different; some people can take 100mg of THC and be chill, while others can take 10mg and be not so chill.

Is Delta-8 Good or Bad For You?

Is delta 8 good or bad

Delta-8 is good if you think Marijuana is too strong or illegal in your state. However, Delta-8 can be bad if you have a high tolerance to THC or prefer Marijuana. Although it’s naturally occurring, no plant has dominant Delta-8 cannabinoids. Therefore, it has to be extracted to enjoy it.

People with health issues should consult a doctor before taking any form of THC to avoid any complications. What is good for one person may be bad for another; how high delta-8 will make you, or if you will have any negative effects, totally depends on the individual.

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