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Delta Extrax Blogs

Learn about all the cannabinoids from Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 to THCh, and THCjd. Our blogs also talk about the legalities of Hemp-Derived THC products.

How Potent is THCh?

How Potent Is THCh?

If you’re a cannabis smoker, then you’ve probably wondered how potent is THCh. The exciting news is that THCh is thought to be 10X more potent than THC.

What is THCjd

What Is THCjd?

THCjd Is The Newest Cannabinoid. Find Out, Does THCjd Get You High? What Is THCjd And Its Benefits. Can It Be More Potent Than THC?

A Breakdown Of Live Resin

A Breakdown of Live Resin

What Is Live Resin? Here is a helpful guide to help you understand what is live resin, live resin terpenes, and the onset effects of live resin products.

Omega and Platinum Collection Upgrades

Omega and Platinum Collection Upgrades

We are adding 8 new products to our already popular Omega and Platinum collections. These new products include 4 – 2gram disposable devices and 4 cartridges.