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The Best THC-A Gummies: Adios Collection

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The Best THC-A Gummies: Adios Collection

The best THC-A Gummies we’ve made so far are part of our Adios Collection. However, there’s more to understand about these crazy edibles. We’ve upped the ante by adding 7,000mg of a THC-A blend. Here is a breakdown of these powerful edibles.

The Best THC-A Gummies

It's over 7,000mg

To say that they’re the best would be an understatement. They come with a strong blend of Delta 8, Delta 9P, THC-A, and Live Resin at a combined milligram of  7,000.

THC-A Blend

The THC-A Blend includes all Hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta-8, Delta 9P, and Live Resin. One of the reasons we add a blend of cannabinoids is to ensure they hit stronger. This helps reduce costs to you as a consumer.

When a cannabinoid first hits the market, there’s not a huge demand yet. Therefore, the raw distillate tends to be more expensive, which means the product is more costly. To offset costs, companies combine cannabinoids into a strong blend you can enjoy.

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7,000mg THC-A Gummies

7,000mg THC-A Gummies

Most commonly, you’ll find average Delta 8 gummies with 3,500mg of THC, max. However, we knew that with this ever-growing market, that wouldn’t cut it. Therefore, the THC-A blend we added equals roughly 7,000mg of THC.

If you’re unfamiliar with how much THC you need, roughly 10 – 15 milligrams is enough for a head change if you have no experience. So, you can imagine the type of experience a 7,000mg will produce. 

Note: We recommend taking less than the recommended amount.

Buy THC-A Gummies Online

Watermelon Bubblegum

Watermelon Bubblegum THCA + Delta-9P THC 7000mg Gummies

Strawberry Colada

Strawberry Colada 7,000mg Gummy

Purple Berry Splash

Purple Berry Splash THCA + Delta-9P THC 7000mg Gummies

Passion Punch

Passion Punch THCA + Delta-9P THC 7000mg Gummies

Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade 7,000mg Gummy

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