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Top Reasons Why Delta 8 is Chill AF

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Explaining the top reasons why Delta-8 makes you Chill AF

You don’t need us to tell you how dope Delta 8 is, but if you want to understand why it’s so chill AF, we got you covered. We’ve broken it down into the most common reasons for you to reach your favorite Delta product, and you’ll be like – wow, that makes sense. 

You Need Something To Do At 4:20

You need something to do at 4:20

Let’s face it; when the clock hits 4:20, you will need something to do. And sometimes, you need something to take the edge off. But with D8, you might find yourself so chill that you can’t even muster the energy to care about what’s happening. 

People around you might want you to do something for them, but you’re so chill to even care what that is. Also, if your SO comes at you sideways, you’ll probably be like – can we eat something first, then talk about this?

Them Creative Feels

If you’re an artist or a writer, you might be very good at what you do. However, have you ever tried to create art or write while you’re high? May we recommend some Sativa to get them creative juices flowing? 

The Sativa strain is more upbeat vs. Indica, which is most famous for giving off that couch-locked feel. We recommend putting on some Lofi, grabbing your art supplies, and flying into outer space with some Sativa at the wheel.

You’re Craving Something Delicious

THCA + THCP + Terp Sauce

Terpenes are the secret sauce that makes Delta 8 taste and smells so good. They’re the organic compounds responsible for different strains’ unique flavor and aroma profiles, from fruity and floral to earthy and spicy.

The flavors are game changers from edibles to inhalables – our Delta 8 can satisfy whatever it is your craving, from sweet-tasting dessert-like flavors to more bitter and Earthy tastes. However, the kicker is that terpenes can interact with other cannabinoids to create a more nuanced and balanced high.

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It Seems Like Everyone Is Your Friend

Delta 8 is a great way to unite people and form new friendships. People gravitate towards you when you love to get high because they want to experience that chill and relaxing high with you. It’s like a social lubricant that breaks down barriers and helps people connect more deeply.

If you’ve recently matched someone on a dating app, and they’re 420-friendly, what better way to connect than with some D8? It might be a new experience for them since most people are used to Cannabis. Icebreakers come in clutch when you’re trying to get to know someone.

Seth Rogan Movies Are Better When You’re High

Seth Rogan Gif

Seth Rogan is known for making some great stoner comedies. Although you don’t need to be high to enjoy them, it helps. You’re more than likely to crack up at anything anyone says without them trying to be funny, and now imagine a funny movie while you’re high.

The fact that you can chill with some munchies makes it even better. In addition, the experience of having your senses heightened changes the feel of the movie. It’s a time to disconnect your brain and live in the moment.

Sex While High Can Be Amazing

You might not think you can’t have great sex while high, but it’s true. When you get the right strain and take the right amount. The reason why Delta 8 might be better than regular Marijuana is because of its potency; Cannabis is way more potent than D8, but that might not be a good thing. 

You need to have your mind in the game; being too high will not allow you to focus. Also, picking a more uplifting strain will be a game-changer. It’s all about what makes you comfortable, and just like sex, it’s amazing when you know what you’re doing.

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Keep Calm and Blaze On

Keep Calm and Blaze On

For whatever reason or event you need to get high for, we have some Delta 8 for that. The whole point is that Delta 8 is chill, and we want you to be chill.  Check out this amazing Delta Extrax collection from one of our partners. Find out their favorite Delta 8 products!

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