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In the Lab with Delta Extrax: Answering 3 Important Questions About Cannabinoid Lab Tests

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Demystifying Lab Tests: Delta Extrax’s Transparent Approach

Let’s dive into it! Our Discord Server has been buzzing with questions about Lab Tests lately, so I figured it’s high time for another Lab Test Blog to tackle these new queries. Full disclosure: I’m a TOTAL NERD (I mean, I build websites and write about hemp for a living—what more could you expect?) But hey, I’ll keep things laid-back and not overly sciency for ya.

Sure, there’s loads of info on lab tests out there (gotta love Reddit, right?), but we’re not just serving up some regurgitated BS. Nah, I’ve personally had phone calls with our lab test company, hung out in our production room watching blends being crafted, and grilled our product development team with questions. So, when I tell you I’ve got the lowdown on lab tests, I MEAN it. Delta Extrax isn’t about folks who are just slick at selling or marketing; our team knows their stuff and is absolutely top in the business.

Now, just a heads-up, the info I’m dishing out here is all about Delta Extrax. We can’t vouch for what other companies are up to, but this is how we roll with lab testing.

Lab Test Logistics: Understanding Delays and Processes

First off, let’s tackle the burning question: “How come you sell stuff before posting lab tests?”
Lab Test Logistics: Understanding Delays and Processes

Here’s the scoop: every ingredient in our blends, from cannabinoids to terpenes, comes with certified lab tests. This means our product developers know precisely what’s going into the blends and how to keep ’em compliant. Once the product hits the sweet spot, it undergoes testing in a manufacturing setting. Now, here’s where we might differ from the rest: before we drop products, our own peeps give ’em a whirl. We’re talking flavor tests, user experience checks, and making sure the device holds up. It’s real-world testing for real user satisfaction.

Meanwhile, samples are sent off to the lab for the official stamp of approval. Our go-to lab, SD Farm Labs, is DEA licensed. We also dig KCA Labs because they stay on top of all the latest cannabinoids, testing for up to 40 of ’em. Oh, and fun fact: lab testing ain’t cheap or quick. Sometimes the timing doesn’t line up with product drops, but since every ingredient’s been certified, we know our final product is all above board. We wouldn’t dream of selling you anything less!

Follow up: “What’s the deal with lab test delays?”

Well, besides the usual workload at the labs, things can get crazy around trade show times. Some companies pay extra to fast-track their tests, which can mess with the queue for others. Then, once the lab results are in, we verify them to ensure legitimate results with our internal lab tests, along with verifying for compliancy and regulations.

Cracking the Code: Why Some Cannabinoids Might Not Show Up on Lab Tests

On to question #2: “Why don’t certain cannabinoids show up on lab tests?”
Cracking the Code: Why Some Cannabinoids Might Not Show Up on Lab Tests

This one’s a bit of a puzzle. Different labs test for different cannabinoids, and some tests are more comprehensive than others. Take our Adios MF Blend gummies, for example. You might’ve noticed something interesting with the lab results. The Blue Razz Bombshell gummies? They’ve got THCP marked as >LOQ, meaning it’s there but not in significant amounts. Now, check out the Purple Berry gummies—they show the percentage of THCP. Seems odd, right? But it’s all part of the process.

Here’s the scoop: two gummy samples were tested with the CAN+ method, which skips THCP. But when we realized there were varying results, the lab switched gears and tested the rest with the CANX method, which does cover THCP. For those two flavors tested with CAN+, we made sure to back up the results with certified lab tests of the THCP distillate we used. Phew! It’s a bit of a maze, but in the end, we believe you should know exactly what you’re consuming.

Heavy Metals in Products? Exploring the Chemistry Behind Lab Test Results

Question #3: “Why are there heavy metals in this product?”
Heavy Metals in Products? Exploring the Chemistry Behind Lab Test Results

Simple answer: everything’s made of chemicals, even the soil our hemp grows in. If there’s a smidge of metal in the soil, it can end up in the plant and eventually in the terpenes. Initially, it might not show up much, but over time, these chemicals can separate, kind of like oil on top of peanut butter. Lab tests pick up on this, showing higher-than-normal levels of certain chemicals.

Sounds alarming, but it’s par for the course with stuff grown in the earth. Think about it: the fruit and veggies we eat everyday are grown in soil and we don’t have lab tests to know exactly what’s in them. If everything came with lab tests, we’d realize we’re consuming some wild things! This isn’t to say that products with high levels of metal are healthy, and we encourage everyone to be mindful of what they are vaping.

The Importance of Lab Tests: Ensuring Quality and Safety for Consumers

In the end, lab tests are a handy tool for both brands and customers. They show we’re playing by the rules and our products are on the up and up. For you, it means knowing exactly what’s in your stash and that it’s all good stuff. Remember, lab tests aren’t a measure of potency—everyone’s body reacts differently. That’s why we focus more on specialized blends of cannabinoids that allow for the entourage effect along with potency factors.

And hey, they’re also a trust builder. So, next time you’re shopping for some top-notch Delta-8, keep an eye out for those lab tests. If a company only shows lab tests on 20% of their products, maybe shop somewhere else…..(like at Delta Extrax). Alternatively, if a company makes their labs tests difficult to find, also be careful shopping there. That’s why we link labs to our products – so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for!


The Extrax Promise - Our Promise to Our Loyal Fanbase

Lab tests aren’t just about ticking boxes; they’re a testament to our commitment to quality and transparency. We’re not here to cut corners or play fast and loose with regulations. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the safest, most reliable products on the market.

So, the next time you’re browsing our selection of Delta-8 goodies, rest assured that each item has undergone rigorous testing and scrutiny. Because when it comes to your well-being, we don’t compromise. We always prioritize quality and safety and would never knowingly put out a blend that’s anything less than safe and compliant.

Thanks for joining us on this journey through the world of lab tests! Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and maybe even a few surprises along the way. Until next time, stay chill and stay lifted!

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