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We’ve just released a new collaboration with Blackcraft Cult called the Blackcraft Extrax Collection. This collaboration is bigger than you think! We guarantee you’ve never seen these crazy blends that come in a bat-shaped gummy. Get ready for something epic! Here’s the breakdown.

4,000mg of THC

Right off the top, what separates these gummies from others we’ve released is that it has 4,000mg of THC! That’s an insane amount of THC, especially when it only takes 5 – 10mg to get you high. However, you can handle 60 – 100mg on a good day with a high tolerance.

Each bat-shaped gummy comes with approximately 200mg of THC, so get ready to be lit. We strongly recommend following the suggested use on the box or 1/4 of the gummy if you’re unsure. That’s about one of the wings of the bat.

Blackcraft Extrax Flavors

You’ll notice that each box of gummies has a unique name to describe the flavor profile. We did this to give you an idea that a) It’s Blackcraft Extrax and b) It helps you remember the flavors.

Scary Cherry

The Scary Cherry, as the name implies, is a sweet cherry-flavored gummy. They are big because we pack on the THC blend; however, our gummies tend not to have a Hemp aftertaste.

If you’ve ever had cannabis edibles, you know they tend to have an earthy aftertaste. The thing with our gummies is that they taste just like regular gummies. It’s scary to get carried away with these, so proceed cautiously.

Haunted Berry

Are you ready for a hauntingly good time? Pop one of these in your mouth, and you might start to see bats. In all seriousness, these gummies are not only delicious but potent. The flavor of mixed berries has a candy-like appeal to us.

There is no one particular berry flavor that is dominant in this gummy. However, it’s similar to a regular non-infused gummy mixed berry taste. We recommend taking small bites to appreciate the taste and enjoy the ride.

Blood Orange

The blood orange flavor is a sweet citrus, orange-like taste. We tried to develop something clever, but the blood orange is the goth of the fruit flavors. Also, everyone with early access spoke very highly about how amazing these gummies taste.

You can expect bold flavors of citrus and a candy coat of sugar. Our gummies are already our best sellers, and with the unique design and Blackcraft’s hand in this, you can expect big things!

More Blackcraft Extrax Coming Soon

This gummy drop is just the beginning of something more sinister. We have more releases coming soon, so you can expect them to be even bigger than this. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out more!

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