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How to Vape THC: Taking The Perfect Hit

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How to Vape THC: Taking The Perfect Hit

If you enjoy vaping your THC, you will want to read this. There’s no real way of knowing if you’re vaping THC correctly. Sure, if you feel high afterward, then the mission is accomplished. However, we have some insider knowledge that can make you the highest in the room.

How Vaping THC is Different From Smoking

How Vaping THC is Different From Smoking

Surprisingly not everyone is aware of the difference between vaping and smoking THC. In addition, some people go as far as labeling anything you inhale as smoking. The audacity, right? In all seriousness, there are many differences, such as no smoke, which makes for a cleaner high.

Vaping THC Produces A Cleaner High

A study titled “Decreased respiratory symptoms in cannabis users who vaporize”* notes that you are 40% less likely to develop respiratory issues when vaping. Also, the study noted that the comparison was between cannabis smokers vs. vapors.

When you smoke anything, you’re breathing in toxic compounds such as carcinogenic that can mess you up in the long run. However, short term, it can cause respiratory issues like cough, phlegm, and chest tightness.

*National Library of Medicine

What is Vaping?

As the name suggests, vaping is inhaling a device’s vapor. A THC or Cannabis vape usually comes as a thick liquid distillate. When the distillate heats up through the device, it produces vapor you inhale.

Which One Can Get You Higher? 

Like anything THC related, it depends. In theory, vaping should get you higher, but it depends on how many milligrams per hit and your tolerance. Alternatively, flower tends to have CBD, which can reduce their potency.

That’s not to say that one is better than to other. If you’re looking for something more natural, then flower is the best way to go, but if you want a clean high, then vaping is your best choice.

Pro Tip: Flower

When looking for a potent flower, the strain is less important than the THC content. Look for something high in THC and low in CBD. However, it gets tricky with D8 Hemp flower because it naturally has high amounts of CBD.

Pro Tip: Vape

If you want something potent to vape, look at the labs and check how much THC is in it. Just because a product is labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 grams, etc., doesn’t mean it contains that much THC. You’re getting that much distillate + terpenes, but there should be a breakdown of how THC is in that batch in the labs.

Taking The Perfect Draw

Taking The Perfect Draw

Now that you’re better aware of the differences between vaping and smoking, here’s how to take the perfect draw. You first want to be sure of using the right language. When you’re smoking, you are “taking a hit.” However, when you’re vaping, it’s called taking a draw.

You’ll want to follow certain steps before drawing from the device, whether you’re using a THC Disposable, Pod Device, or 510 Thread Battery. Also, if your device has a pre-heat function, you’ll want to ensure you fire that up before taking the first draw.

Note: We titled this blog “Hit” instead of “Draw” because most people are familiar with the word hit. If you scrolled up to read the title, we appreciate you =).

The First Draw

Now that you’re all set up for the first draw make sure your lips are sealed around the mouthpiece when you put the device to your mouth. Next, take a slow and steady draw from the device for about 3 – 5 seconds.

However, be careful not to take a huge draw because it might cause you to cough. You will want to inhale the vapor and let it out slowly. To avoid the vapor from irritating your lungs, we recommend not holding it in your lungs for very long.

When To Take The Next Draw

We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes on most of our packaging before taking another draw. However, you can usually get away with taking 2 – 3 draws until your next session. You will want to wait to see how you feel after the first draws.

If you feel you can handle more after the first initial 15 minutes, then take another draw. Also, unlike smoking, there’s no need to hotbox to feel it more. It’s vapor, so your lungs absorb it best when you inhale.

Storing Your Device

To avoid having issues next time you go for a session, it’s recommended that you store your device/distillate properly. How you store your THC depends on the device or product you’re using.

Disposable Devices

3-gram Disposable Device

When you’re finished using a disposable, make sure you put the mouthguard back on and store it upright in its original packaging. If your disposable gets clogged, don’t open it. Instead, try firing up the pre-heat if it has one, or use a blow dryer to heat the distillate.

A Disposable that is not stored properly after use will cause a clog in the mouthpiece, blocking the airflow.


THC Cartridge

The same rule applies to THC Cartridges as it does to Disposables; store them upright at room temperature. You don’t want the distillate to harden and block the airflow. Also, make sure to clean out any distillate left on the 510-thread battery or pen. 

THC Pods

London Pound Cake Goliath 1G Pods

Lastly, THC pods are somewhat the same as Cartridges. However, they tend to be a lot smaller and made to fit Pod Devices. Although they are much more sleek and convenient, they can easily get clogged if not stored properly. We recommend following the same steps for storage as you would a Cartridge.

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Taking The Perfect Draw Overview

  1. Pre-heat the device (if applicable) or connect your cart/pod.
  2. Take a steady draw for about 3 – 5 seconds.
  3. Inhale the vapor but don’t hold it in.
  4. Take 2 -3 draws.
  5. Wait 15 minutes before the next session.
  6. Store your device/cart or pod properly when finished.

Now You’re A Pro

Now You’re A Pro

If you follow these steps, you’ll vape like a pro in your next session. It’s important to note that you’re not smoking vape because no smoke is produced. However, the vape can be potent because it’s a concentrate, so following these steps can make you the highest in the room.

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